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UFC 102 Picks


Main Card

Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Rob S. Unlike most observers, I’m picking Nogueira in this one.  Yes, I have  heard the rumors circulating about Nog being KOed in sparring. And yes,  I know he suffered a demoralizing loss at the hands of Frank Mir. Call me crazy, but I’m not ready to stick a fork in Nog just yet. Couture is forty-six and he’s only fought once in the past two years… this is Nogueira’s fight to win. I’m going to assume that the rumors are false, and his last fight was an abberration. Big Nog by submission, round two.

Parker D. This fight is the classic “I look old” vs “I am old”. Ok, so that may not be a classic, but regardless I expect a good fight. Couture will have the advantage in speed, control and wrestling to work his dirty boxing. Nog simply will have the advantage on the ground, but he also has great boxing despite what you saw against Mir. Experience is a non-factor as both guys have had their share of grueling battles. I expect Randy to come out, push the pace, tire Nog out and come out with a decision win.

Taki P. Personally, I think Couture could hit Nogueira with a Mack truck and Big Nog would still finish the fight. While I think Nogueira will dominate the stand up and ground game, I can see him taking it by decision.

Keith Jardine vs Thiago Silva

Rob S. If Jardine can stuff Silva’s takedown attempts, he’ll pick him apart on his feet…. Thiago’s standup is sloppier than a pit bull eating a bowl of custard. Jardine by T(KO), round three.

Parker D. The last time Jardine (T)KO’d someone, he sent them home crying, literally. This fight is all about Jardine and which guy shows up, he is the biggest wildcard the UFC has, extremely underrated and has a ton of experience against all the top LHW guys. Thiago is nothing he’s never seen before. Don’t be surprised when Jardine uses a different tactic and takes Thiago down and beats him up for a 2nd round (T)KO. Long live Greg Jackson’s gameplans.

Taki P. I have been looking forward to this fight for quite some time, which is why I am very disappointed that I will miss it for a wedding. I see this fight as a real treat for striking fans. There will be instant fireworks, as they both have something to prove. I like both fighters and I can see this going either way, but I’m going with The Dean of Mean via 3rd round (T)KO.

Chris Leben vs Jake Rosholt

Rob S. By virtue of his granite chin, I expect Leben to weather an early storm by Rosholt and come back with a late KO… Leben by T(KO) round two.

Parker D. This fight is another wildcard. I know absolutely nothing about Rosholt other than that he is a strong wrestler, which is Leben’s kryptonite, along with roids, doors, BJJ, and good gameplans. If Rosholt can’t do anything but take Leben down and lay on him, he could still possibly get KO’d in the last minute just like Terry Martin did. Leben (T)KO round 1.

Taki P. I will be a little surprised if Leben loses to Rosholt. I’m saying Leben 2nd round (T)KO. If he has his hair in cornrows, 1st round (T)KO.

Demian Maia vs. Nate Marquardt

Rob S. Demian Maia arguably has the best functional BBJ in all of MMA, but Marquardt has him beat in every other aspect of the game. After surviving some hairy moments early, Marquardt finishes Maia with some Tekken shit… Marquardt by T(KO), round three.

Parker D. It’s such a shame that Marquardt has a questionable chin, cuz that dude is sick. His combo on Gouveia was straight out of a movie. Anyway, I keep picking against Maia but he keeps winning and proving me wrong. This time I’m right tho. Marquardt will be too much and (T)KO him in round 2.

Taki P. It has already been said, Marquardt pulled an amazing combo out of his ass against Gouveia. Very impressive, but I wouldn’t count on seeing anything similar to that against Maia. What I do picture is Marquardt having a sound game plan, not being too aggressive and making every shot count. Marquardt round two (T)KO, only to go on to lose against Dan Henderson in his first middleweight title defense… *Spoiler: I’m picking Henderson over Silva*.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brandon Vera

Rob S. As much as I want to pick K-Sos, I can’t… he’s never beaten a fighter of Vera’s caliber. Vera by T(KO), round two.

Parker D. I think Vera’s got the fire back and despite all his excuses he could easily be a top 5 LHW, which says alot cuz LHW is stacked. K-Sos is gonna have no answer for anything Vera does. Easy win for Vera and a great bet at  -170. Vera brutal KO round 2.

Taki P. I’m known for my obscure picks, so I am going with Soszynski via decision. I know I’ll probably regret this pick, but I really dislike Brandon Vera.

Undercard Quick Picks

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Chris Tuchscherer

Rob S. Gonz comes back in a fury, tears Tuchscherer a new asshole. Gonzaga by (T)KO,  round one.

Parker D. Hmm, Gonzo sub round 1 and proves yet again that he looks great against cans and Crocop. Then again, he might just wilt under the pressure and try to quit or something.

Taki P. Gonzaga, (T)KO, round one.

Justin McCully vs. Mike Russow

Rob S. McCully’s lay n’ pray tactics will do him no good against Russow… Russow by sub, round one. Please.

Parker D. I almost wanted to bet on McCully at +260 or whatever he’s at, but I’m with ya man. Please go away McCully. I don’t care how Russow wins, just win.

Taki P. Russow, submission, round 2.

Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague

Rob S.  Going with the big Canuck this time… Hague by decision.

Parker D. I’m solely picking this fight based on camps. American top team is much better than some guys farm in Boyle, Alberta. Duffee (T)KO round 1.

Taki P. Hague, (T)KO, round 1.

Nick Catone vs. Mark Munoz

Rob S. Munoz by decision.

Parker D. I keep hearing great things about Catone, sadly Munoz will probably way overpower him and either get a late (T)KO or win a decision.

Taki P. Catone, (T)KO, round two. I wonder if Munoz’s brains are still scrambled after the Matt Hamill head kick.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Evan Dunham

Rob S. Aurelio by submission, round two.

Parker D. Easy win for Aurelio. Sub whenever he wants.

Taki P. Aurelio, submission, round two.

Ed Herman vs. Aaron Simpson

Rob S. Simpson is a great prospect, but I think he’s bitten off  more than he can chew in the tough veteran… Herman by decision.

Parker D. Who the hell is Ed Herman? Isn’t he that ginger guy from TUF? I just want him to lose. Simpson decision.

Taki P. Short Fuse is such a bad nickname. Still, I’m taking Herman by decision.


Best Knockouts and submissions of 2009

Here’s an awesome new compilation by caposa3… check it out…


The week in MMA

A lot of stuff happened in MMA this week, and it takes me awhile to keep abreast of of things. I’m only one dude for crissakes, and I have a real job… get up off me.  Anyhoe, here are the major items…


Carwin/Velasquez Cancelled

Shane Carwin is being pulled from his bout with Cain Velasquez at UFC 104, to face Brock Lesnar at UFC 106. Ben Rothwell will reportedly replace Carwin against Velasquez at 104… I’m pretty happy about this switch, as we get two great heavyweight matches at the expense of one. Carwin and Velasquez are blue chip prospects, and to pit them against each other this early in their careers seemed a bit premature to me. I like Carwin/Lesnar a lot… it’ll answer a lot of questions about both guys, and realistically, Carwin is the only guy in the UFC I can imagine denting Brock’s massive, stop-sign shaped head. On the other side, Ben Rothwell is the perfect opponent for Velasquez- a win over the tough veteran will show that Velasquez can live up to his hype, and a loss will nonetheless provide some valuable experience.


All Hail Mousasi

His brutal starching of Babalu bought the talented Mousasi entrance to most LHW and P4P rankings. You know you’ve become a major player when nutjobs with bad tattoos begin randomly calling you out…

Gilbert Melendez Pounds Mitsuhiro Ishida Strikeforce

Ishida’s Camp Accuses Melendez of Greasing

Apparently, Vaseline is a magical salve that allows the wearer to outstrike, outwrestle, and otherwise dominate their opponent. It looks like BJ’s ‘Greasegate’ campaign has been an inspiration to whiners everywhere…


Chuck Liddell To be Featured On Dancing With the Stars

Finally, Chuck draws a dance partner that might not leave him twitching on the canvas.  Seriously… the Iceman’s career has reached an ultimate low. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy that had the world’s LHWs crapping their pants for years.


Wanderlei Gets Cosmetic Surgery

I assume Wand had these procedures done to prevent cuts in future bouts, rather than out of any misguided vanity. And I will always believe this, no matter what evidence to the contrary might surface. Anyway, I think it looks weird.


ufc 102: couture vs. nogueira preview


Marquardt vs. Maia preview

It’s a little surprising that the UFC isn’t putting much hype behind this matchup, considering the winner is presumably going to get a crack at Anderson Silva. Both guys are coming off impressive, highlight-friendly wins, and yet this title eliminator is playing second banana to Jardine/Silva, a bout of very little significance to anyone not named Jardine or Silva. I guess Jardine is a big name of sorts, having fought everyone in the division. And he looks like a pirate, and pirates are trendy… yaaar. But I digress…


Strikeforce: Carano vs Cyborg Results

Altogether, a pretty decent night of fights, and more importantly, my picks stomped on Taki’s… I was a little pissed that they didn’t televise Hieron vs Taylor though… oh well.

Kyle vs Werdum- No surprises here, except for Kyle’s armbar attempt. Werdum strangles the odious Kyle.

Melendez vs Ishida- Got this one right…

Sobral vs Mousasi- Mousasi looks great at lightheavyweight. His Silvaesque destruction of Babalu is an indication of great things to come… the dude is only twenty-four. SF will be hard pressed to find him legit challengers though… The sooner he’s in the UFC, the better. Who doesn’t want to see him tangle with “The Spider?”

Cristiane Santos vs. Gina Carano
Carano vs Cyborg- I’m happy for Cyborg. Gina has a bright future in both inside and outside the cage; television, movies, you name it… Cris Cyborg has fighting. And she excels at it. She might not have Gina’s looks or crossover star potential, but she can sure kick ass. You have to wonder where she goes from here though. Again, SF might have some trouble finding legit opponents for the new champ… I guess we’ll see…

P.S. Here’s the ref cam, for anyone who thought the stoppage was premature…
Carano vs. Santos Stoppage Ref Cam Strikeforce

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